The 13 Project – UPDATE

Well, there are only four more days left in 2012 and now that we’re home from Montreal, I am trying desperately to get back in the swing of things. It’s hard when all my body wants to do is sleep off all the stress that was November through to, well, now. It also wants to have a Buffy and Angel marathon in bed with my new bamboo bedsheets (thank you, Christmas!).

So much happened with The Brothers Boston launching, Sympatico rebranding to and also being elected as the Fundraising and Promotions Director for the Boston Terrier Rescue Canada (holy exciting and scary, batman!), I kind of let a few things slip… like The 13 Project. I haven’t done too bad of a job, but I will admit that I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. Perhaps I can still squeeze a few things in before the end of the year?

Here’s the progress so far…

1. Continue to donate 10% of all The Brothers Boston sales to the BTRCDone – and continuing to do so!

2. Do a second round-up of old towels, blankets and dog items to donate.Done! Could probably do a third, too. That will wait until 2013.

3. Attend the BFAS No More Homeless Pets Conference and absorb every bit of inspirationDone! You can read about it here, here and here.

4. Knit bow ties and scarves with 100% of proceeds going to the BTRCDone for Bostoberfest!

5. Share more local adoptable pets on Twitter, Facebook and this blogDone! Though I’ve been slacking a bit on the Thursday Adoptable.

6. Visit Farm Sanctuary while in California next month and blog about it. Partly done – I went… just haven’t written more than a WW on it.

7. Publish an advice-filled quiz that asks, “Are You Ready for a Dog?” on a national publication, SympaticoDone! You can take it here.

8. Buy holiday gifts at places like The Animal Rescue SiteI really wanted to, but S and I opted for making gifts to try and save money.

9. Get my chocolate fix from Rescue Chocolate – it’s vegan! See reasoning above. I did promo it on the 3rd Day of Christmas though!

10. Write about and share the WSPA Collars Not Cruelty campaign. Big fat fail on this one.

11. Sign the petition and raise awareness about Hershey’s Bill to end BSL in Ontario. I have signed and I guess I talk about it with family/friends a lot, I just haven’t written on it like I had hoped to. 

12. Support the BTRC through Terracycle and promote it to other rescuesDone!

13. Of course, share and promote The 13 Project with the hope to inspire others! Done! Even if I wasn’t the best example.

So I’m running at about 8/13 which is 62%. A passing grade, but not great. Wait, do I get half marks for #6, #9 and #11? Hah! I think I can still get a couple of things done… I’ll just have to bust my butt. Did you pledge to do Pretty Fluffy’s The 13 Project? If you did, how did it go/is it going? Better than mine, I hope!

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